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    Oncologist Charged In Six Patient Deaths

    When we are sick we put our trust in doctors and physicians to take into account our ailments and to work to make us better. Whether it’s a minor cold or sinus infection or even something more detrimental such as cancer, we as patients expect a certain quality of care from these specialists. However, when this doesn’t happen and patients are neglected or treated for things they simply do not need, the ramifications can be unavoidable. This unfortunately is exactly what happened to several cancer patients in New York.

  • Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Malpractice

    Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Malpractice

    Substance abuse is a growing epidemic in the United States. In fact, Pennsylvania is currently experiencing some of the highest numbers of drug overdose deaths in the country. Despite a growing recognition of the problem as a disease, few people get the treatment they really need to recover. And obviously not all addiction treatment programs…

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    MRSA and Other Hospital Infections

    Although people go to hospitals seeking treatment for their illnesses and other medical conditions, hospitals can pose serious health risks to patients. While special measures are taken to ensure the environment is sterile and clean for patients, the large number of ill patients present in hospitals can cause infections like MRSA to spread quickly via weakened immune systems.

  • Medical Malpractice Claim

    Patient Mix-Up Causes Medical Malpractice Death

    Because all surgical procedures carry some amount of risk, many patients have a natural anxiety about going under the knife. Fortunately, advances in medical technology and training have made most operations incredibly safe; however, there is one type of medical risk hospitals around the country still struggle with – human error. This was the case for a Michigan woman who was the victim of a patient mix-up causing her medical malpractice death.

  • Cerebral Palsy Care

    Technological Advances in Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis and Treatment

    Although childbirth is a miraculous process, sometimes mistakes are made during delivery that can permanently affect the child. When a child sustains a brain injury shortly before, during, or after birth, it can cause a lifelong condition called cerebral palsy.

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