• Objects Left In Body After Surgery

    Man Wins Lawsuit After 57-Inch Wire Left In Body After Surgery

    Most patients would be shocked to find out surgeons leave foreign objects behind in their bodies after a procedure. As patients, we are conditioned to believe we will receive the best medical care from our doctors; however, having an object left inside a patient after a medical procedure happens far more often than people realize….

  • Heat-Related Illnesses

    Hot Weather Injury Risks For Nursing Home Patients

    Hot weather is hazardous, and senior citizens are particularly prone to its dangers, including heat-related illness. Elderly heat stroke and heat exhaustion can have devastating consequences. You may think that since most nursing home residents are sedentary, how can they overheat? During the summer months when temperatures can rise into triple digits, elderly people who…

  • Nursing Home Physical Abuse

    Nursing Home Resident Overdoses On Cocaine

    Not all nursing home residents are as old as we’d expect. Various life circumstances can lead a younger person to require around-the-clock care. In fact, the number of young people residing in nursing homes has increased in recent years. Young people ages 31 to 64 now make up over 14 percent of the nursing home…

  • Lawyers For Medical Mistakes

    Physicians With Multiple Medical Malpractice Claims Go Solo

    Physicians with multiple medical malpractice claims against them often try to save their reputations by starting fresh in a new practice. These doctors are more likely to stay in the same geographic area and either join a smaller practice or start a solo practice. In fact, according to a study published in the New England…

  • Elderly Exploitation Lawyers

    Sexual Abuse of Nursing Home Residents

    Elder abuse comes in many forms, sadly including sexual abuse. Most families believe their loved ones are safe in a nursing home, which is why a recent story out of Pennsylvania feels so jarring. A Pennsylvania nurse stands accused of taking naked photos of at least 17 of her nursing home patients, some of who…

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