• Operating Room Cameras and Surgical Malpractice Claims

    Operating Room Cameras and Surgical Malpractice Claims

    Video and audio recording technology have greatly impacted many industries. For example, airplanes are outfitted with black box recorders to help investigators understand what occurred in the event of an aviation accident. Police also utilize body cameras to provide recordings of their encounters with the public that can be used as evidence. Some nursing home…

  • Patient Dumping

    Patient Dumping: What You Need to Know

    Hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical care facilities around the country have been cited for what is known as “patient dumping.” This occurs when a treating facility releases a patient in an improper and often dangerous way, such as leaving them outside in the winter cold at a bus stop in a hospital gown and…

  • Telemedicine Malpractice Claims

    Telemedicine Malpractice Claims

    Contrary to what many assume, telemedicine services are not simply a byproduct of the Coronavirus pandemic. Telemedicine and telehealth services were available to patients long before COVID-19 impacted nearly every facet of daily life; however, the rate at which patients consumed telehealth services changed dramatically during lockdowns, school closures, and overall unease. Due to social…

  • Forceps Delivery Complications

    Forceps Delivery Complications

    While pregnancy and childbirth come with certain medical risks, there are some dangers families should be able to avoid. While many families expecting a new little one plan for their ideal birth scenario, things generally don’t go as planned and the medical team will have to adapt according to the needs of both mother and…

  • Anesthesia Malpractice

    Anesthesia Malpractice: What Patients Should Know

    Anesthesia has allowed for tremendous advances in medicine. From going to the dentist, to epidurals during pregnancy, to general surgery, it’s likely that everyone will go under some form of anesthesia during their lifetime. Because of its widespread use, it’s important to know what being anesthetized entails, what to expect, and what complications are associated…

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