• Residential Care Facility Abuse

    Nursing Homes and Residential Care Facilities Fail to Protect Our Most Vulnerable

    When medical malpractice or abuse occurs, it normally happens because the abuser has some form of power over the abused, such as being an authority figure like a doctor or medical staff member. Unfortunately, abuse has become all too common in nursing homes and residential care facilities across the country. There are many types of…

  • Nursing Home Infections

    Nursing Home Infections

    The benefits of modern medical systems are clear; the risks, however, can be deadly. Infections are a devastatingly common risk for those living in nursing homes and long-term care facilities; and, the infectious pathogens found have only grown stronger, making nursing home infections an increasingly dangerous risk for the already vulnerable elderly and immune-compromised. Drug-resistant…

  • Safe Nursing Homes

    What Changes Can Be Made for Safer Nursing Homes

    Before the coronavirus pandemic, many nursing homes were known to provide substandard care and services to their residents. Many also struggled to retain a well-trained staff. The onslaught of COVID-19 brought these challenges to light and exposed the problems that many nursing homes face in the United States. Residents in nursing homes across the country, and the health care staff who provide care for them, have been hit incredibly hard by COVID-19. More than 250,000 reported COVID-19 cases and 62,000 deaths were reported as of June 2020 among nursing home and long-term care facilities. These facilities house vulnerable populations – including the elderly and adults who require 24-hour care. Many battle chronic diseases or are otherwise immunocompromised which puts them in the highest risk category for coronavirus infection.

  • Insurance claim paperwork

    Healthcare Provider Liability During COVID-19

    We have heard over and over again since the current pandemic has taken the world by storm that we are living in unprecedented times, and that we must learn how to best navigate a new normal that includes mask-wearing and other such precautions. Under current law, healthcare providers, medical facilities, long-term care facilities, and nursing…

  • Nursing home resident crying

    Nursing Homes Were a Disaster Before COVID-19

    For victims of nursing home negligence, the following statement will not be shocking – nursing homes were failing residents before the coronavirus pandemic. Nursing homes have long been notorious for instances of abuse towards residents; and, despite this unfortunate reality being known about residents continue to endure abuse at the hands of caregivers. According to…

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