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Is Delivering Your Baby On The Weekend Dangerous?

February 27, 2017 by Carrie Capouellez
weekend effect

For many expectant mothers, the day of delivery is an incredibly exciting time. Many families try to plan the day they will give birth, but for some, plans change last minute and children are born early or later than anticipated. While it can be difficult to anticipate when delivery will actually occur, it’s important for expectant parents to understand what risks may be associated with different days of the week. At first thought, delivering your baby on the weekend might seem more convenient than a weekday; however, expectant mothers should be wary of “the weekend effect.”

What Is The Weekend Effect?

The weekend effect is the reduced quality of care offered at a healthcare facility on the weekends. While hospitals and other medical facilities would deny a lower standard of care occurs on the weekends, the reality is the weekend shift is often given to inexperienced, part-time, and/or fatigued healthcare workers.

Many obstetricians do not work weekend shifts, but are available on-call. Unfortunately, this leaves patients at risk for injury if an immediate medical emergency arises. Residents and nurses can sometimes be reluctant to reach out to the on-call obstetricians, which can lead to an increased risk of injury to the patient.

Clinical Evidence For The Weekend Effect

According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, women who delivered their babies on the weekends were treated with a lower standard of care, which caused an increase in the rates of infant mortality and injury to newborns. Mothers were also more likely to suffer infections from the delivery.

What Can You Do About The Weekend Effect?

If you go into labor on the weekend, it’s crucial that you inform the hospital staff to immediately call your obstetrician. This ensures you are under the care of an experienced doctor and less likely to experience a lower standard of care. In addition, do not be afraid to ask questions or inform the staff if you are experiencing pain or discomfort. Always speak up if you feel something isn’t right.

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