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    Uterine Ruptures Can Threaten Lives Of Mother and Baby

    The birth of a new child is usually a moving and heart warming occasion, especially for the new parents, with many family members around counting down the minutes until the new addition is born. What many people don’t talk about prior to and during the birthing process is the risk of uterine ruptures, which can happen during childbirth. These occurrences can instantly turn what a happy and jovial moment into an utter nightmare.

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    Surgeon Mistakes Kidney For Tumor

    As surprising as it may be, mistakes happen during routine surgeries all the time. Wrong limbs can be operated on and patient’s charts can sometimes be mixed up. While all of this is alarming and can make anyone want to forego any future plans for going under the knife, recently one surgeon in Florida made an alarming decision without the consent of the patient.

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    Housekeeper Found Guilty of Financial Elder Abuse

    November 27, 2018 by Carrie Capouellez| Elder abuse

    We often hear of many unfortunate cases of financial abuse of elders, taken at the hands of their caretakers. Oftentimes, the older residents in nursing facilities will form friendly relationships with the staff, only to be taken advantage of in the long run. Unfortunately, this is a situation that financial elder abuse lawyers at Lopez McHugh LLP see too often.

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    New Jersey Hospital Home To Deadly Virus

    Hospitals are often places we think of as clean, germ free facilities where we are able to recover from injury or illness without the risk of contracting something else. We hold the doctors and physicians accountable for our health and safety in these situations, as we expect to get better rather than worse if we need to be admitted to the hospital. Unfortunately, for many residents in New Jersey this isn’t the case, as many young children have fallen ill to a deadly virus in one local hospital.

  • Diabetes Medication Errors

    Medication Errors and Diabetes: Everything You Need To Know

    If you or someone you know is diabetic, you know that insulin and daily medications are absolutely crucial in day-to-day life. While regular trips to the doctor and pharmacist might be commonplace, patients who suffer with diabetes are often particularly susceptible to medication errors.

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