• Infant Wrongful Death

    What is Infant Wrongful Death?

    October 13, 2020 by James McHugh, Jr.| Wrongful Death

    Giving birth to a new baby is one of the most joyous occasions for a family and most babies are born happy and healthy. However, sometimes serious medical errors happen, and the infant may pass away before or shortly after being born. If those medical errors were preventable or were caused by the malpractice of doctors or nurses involved in the birth, this unnecessary death is considered an infant wrongful death.

  • Birth Trauma

    Birth Trauma Is More Common Than You Think

    September 16, 2020 by James McHugh, Jr.| Birth Injuries

    Giving birth is usually a joyful, life-changing experience for the entire family. Sadly, complications during birth are quite common and can cause the newly born infant to have traumatic birth-related injuries. In the United States, one out of 33 babies will be born with birth defects. Birth defects are also the leading cause of death…

  • telemedicine malpractice

    Will Increased Use Lead To Rise In Telemedicine Malpractice Claims?

    Contrary to what many assume, telemedicine services are not a byproduct of the Coronavirus pandemic. Telemedicine and telehealth services have been available to patients long before COVID-19 impacted nearly every facet of daily life; however, the current rate at which patients are consuming telehealth services is eyebrow-raising. Due to social distancing and health and safety…

  • Insurance claim paperwork

    Healthcare Provider Liability During COVID-19

    We have heard over and over again since the current pandemic has taken the world by storm that we are living in unprecedented times, and that we must learn how to best navigate a new normal that includes mask-wearing and other such precautions. Under current law, healthcare providers, medical facilities, long-term care facilities, and nursing…

  • Nursing home resident crying

    Nursing Homes Were a Disaster Before COVID-19

    For victims of nursing home negligence, the following statement will not be shocking – nursing homes were failing residents before the coronavirus pandemic. Nursing homes have long been notorious for instances of abuse towards residents; and, despite this unfortunate reality being known about residents continue to endure abuse at the hands of caregivers. According to…

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