• Nursing Home Infections

    Nursing Home Infections From Fatal Fungus

    The benefits of modern medical systems are clear; the risks, however, can be deadly. Infections are a devastatingly common risk for those living in nursing homes and long-term care facilities. And the infectious pathogens found have only grown stronger, making nursing home infections an increasingly dangerous risk for the already vulnerable elderly and immune-compromised. Drug-resistant…

  • gallbladder surgery malpractice

    Gallbladder Surgery Malpractice

    The gallbladder is an organ that stores and releases bile, which the body uses to break down fats. During this process, gallstones – solidified material blocking bile flow– can form. While it is extremely common for these stones to form, they can be very painful and often require surgical removal. In fact, gallstones are the…

  • Medical Malpractice Attorneys

    What Types of Pennsylvania Medical Malpractice Cases Can Be Filed?

    September 30, 2019 by Carrie Capouellez| Medical malpractice

    If you or someone you care about requires medical care, you expect those in charge to make you and your family feel better, not worse. While doctors are unable to control everything, if they are negligent or breach their duty of care to a patient, that patient can file a Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawsuit. Medical…

  • Misdiagnosis Lawyer

    Pneumonia Misdiagnosis

    While pneumonia is serious and potentially life threatening, it’s also relatively common. In fact, more than three million cases are diagnosed in the United States every year. Unfortunately, pneumonia is the second most misdiagnosed condition leading to readmission after a previous hospitalization, second only to congestive heart failure. Pneumonia misdiagnosis is both common and deadly. BMJ…

  • elder abuse

    What To Do If You See Nursing Home Abuse On Social Media

    The later years of an elderly person’s life are a time when they deserve kindness, respect, and quality care. But sometimes our elderly loved ones instead face abuse and neglect by caretakers. People with dementia are vulnerable to abuse by those close to them, either at home or in a facility. Dementia patients are especially…

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