• Medical Errors

    Viral Trend Could Prevent Medical Errors

    An Australian anesthetist started a viral trend to help improve patient safety and reduce medical errors. Penning his name and job title on his surgery cap at first provoked laughter from his fellow medical professionals, but then people began to realize how helpful this type of simple identification could be. There is now a viral…

  • Medical Malpractice Attorneys

    Lawsuits For Secret Recording Of Gynecological Procedures

    Over eighty women are suing a California hospital for the secret recording of their gynecological surgeries. The recordings filmed activity in three labor and delivery rooms at the Women’s Center at Sharp Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa, California, over a period of more than 11 months beginning in summer 2012. While the hospital set up…

  • Elderly Exploitation Lawyers

    Senate Hearing On Nationwide Nursing Home Abuse

    There have been several recent high profile cases of nursing abuse that have not only outraged patient advocates, but also spurred a discussion in the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance. This is the second time in less than a year that a congressional committee has looked into nursing home abuse, and hopefully this momentum will continue so conditions for nursing home residents will improve.

  • Financial Elder Abuse

    Banks Concerned Over Elder Abuse

    April 1, 2019 by Carrie Capouellez| Elder abuse

    Financial elder abuse is becoming an increasing threat to older populations. Sometimes financial elder abuse is perpetrated by family members, but other times it’s caretakers who are taking advantage of the elderly. Banks have seen the rise in financial elder abuse, and they are growing increasingly concerned over how to keep their elderly customers safe.

  • Cerebral Palsy Preventable

    Was My Child’s Cerebral Palsy Preventable?

    A cerebral palsy diagnosis can be extremely devastating for parents. Cerebral palsy requires a lifetime of specialty medical care and often leaves the affected individual incapable of taking care of him or herself. Parents with children diagnosed with cerebral palsy have many questions about their child’s condition. One of the most common questions is whether or not their child’s cerebral palsy was preventable.

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