• Medical Malpractice

    When To Worry About a Dent In Your Head

    Head injuries are often very worrisome. Anything from a bump on the head to a concussion can leave many worried about the effects these injuries could have on their brains and bodies. Though our heads do have several contours, including to the temples and some facial features, when a new dent appears anywhere on one’s head, it can obviously raise concerns.

  • Preventable Medical Errors

    Inpatient vs. Outpatient: Which Has More Preventable Medical Errors?

    Preventable medical errors frustrate both practitioners and patients within the medical field. We often expect physicians and other healthcare providers to be well versed in their line of work so as to prevent medical errors from occurring. Unfortunately, errors do happen; and, those in the medical field we trust the most are often responsible. But where is one more likely to see these errors occurring—in inpatient or outpatient care settings?

  • brain damaged

    Babies Brain Damaged at Birth

    Having a baby can be a truly emotional and life-changing experience for all involved. Unfortunately, however, complications during the birthing process can and do occur, some of which can leave the baby with brain damage. A baby’s brain damage may even be permanent, leaving the family feeling hopeless during what was supposed to be such a special moment. For one mother in particular, it became apparent her newborn son endured severe brain damage due to malpractice at birth.

  • NICU Malpractice

    Three Infants at Pennsylvania Hospital Die From Infected Breast Milk

    Newborn babies are fragile, and they rely on experienced and specially trained medical staff to survive and thrive. Babies who stay in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) are even more vulnerable. Having a baby born prematurely, especially when an infant has to spend time in a NICU, is extremely stressful for families. The American…

  • Intensive Care Unit Malpractice

    Electronic Intensive Care Unit Technology (eICU)

    The increasing use of electronic Intensive Care Unit technology (eICU) has changed the medical landscape in many ways. Many hospital systems routinely use cameras in the ICU to monitor patients. This means instead of an actual doctor physically examining patients, a caregiver only checks in on them via camera remotely. Information about these practices became…

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