• Hospital Negligence Lawyer

    Doctor Accused Of Sexual Exploitation Was Previously Reprimanded

    When we are patients being treated in medical facilities, we put ourselves in very vulnerable positions. We trust our doctors to take care of bodies, and most of them do. Unfortunately, some doctors take advantage of the trust patients have in them. This was the case for a Wisconsin woman who suffered sexual exploitation at the hands of her doctor. This case is even more shocking because the doctor had previously been reprimanded for similar behavior.

  • Patient Mix-Up

    Patient Mix-Up Leads To Man Being Taken Off Life Support

    Deciding to take a loved one off of life support is an extremely difficult and emotional process. Fortunately, most of us won’t ever have the opportunity to determine life and death for our loved ones, so when the decision falls to us in extreme circumstances, it is almost unbearable. Recently, a New York woman went through this arduous process only to discover a patient mix-up led to her taking a stranger off life support.

  • medical malpractice attorneys

    Lawsuit Alleges Doctor Performed C-Section Without Anesthesia

    Pregnancy can be a stressful time, especially if you happen to experience complications during the birthing process. While everyone talks about how special giving birth can be, in some cases unexpected and traumatic events take place due to hospital negligence.

  • Children’s Hospital Pays For Fugitive Doctor

    While you hear about medical malpractice cases involving adults or even elderly patients, cases involving children can be less visible in the media. When the medical malpractice injury of a child occurs, however, the events are no less shocking or life changing for those involved.

  • Medical Malpractice Attorneys

    Woman In Vegetative State Sexually Assaulted

    When medical malpractice or abuse occurs, it normally occurs because the abuser has some form of power over the abused, whether as an authority figure such as a doctor or medical staff member or in terms of elder abuse—where the patient might not be able to fend off or recognize signs of abuse. Unfortunately this is no different when the abused patient happens to be unresponsive or in a vegetative state.

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