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New Bill Could Bring Video Cameras Into Operating Rooms

March 12, 2018 by Carrie Capouellez
Surgical Malpractice Lawyer

Medical technology has advanced exponentially in recent years, but some aspects of healthcare remain tragically outdated. When it comes to recording the happenings during surgical operations, documentation is sparse. Oftentimes, after a procedure the only record of what happened during the surgery is the account given by the healthcare professionals involved. When medical malpractice occurs, the accounts by the doctors and nurses are rarely sufficient to understand exactly what happened. Because of this, a new Bill has been introduced in Wisconsin that would allow a “surgical black box” in operating rooms.

Victims of surgical malpractice have to advocate fiercely to get answers about their procedures, and many still never fully understand how the mistakes unfolded. If recording equipment was used in operating rooms, it could help victims get answers and justice. Airplanes utilize black boxes to record audio and other data during flights in the event of a crash. Black boxes help investigators understand the causes of plane accidents, so black boxes in operating rooms could serve the same purpose.

The Bill would give patients the option of recording their surgical procedures. The audio and visual records would be treated just like any other confidential healthcare records. Thus, it would be illegal for facilities or individuals to tamper with the recordings or disclose them to other parties.

Some healthcare professionals and facilities are against the Bill, believing it will be detrimental to good doctors and other healthcare professionals. However, the recordings would work both ways: they could prove a medical professional was negligent, but they could also show no mistakes were made during the operation. This makes surgical black boxes beneficial for everyone.

Investigating Surgical Malpractice

While a surgical black box could help victims of medical malpractice, the reality is that it could be some time before they are ever widely utilized in operating rooms. In the meantime, patients must rely on experienced surgical malpractice lawyers to help get answers. Surgical malpractice lawyers can obtain medical records, conduct interviews with hospital staff, and utilize medical experts to determine what exactly happened during the procedure where medical malpractice is suspected.

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