Nursing home abuse

What To Do If Your Loved One Experiences Physical Abuse In A Nursing Home

May 1, 2017 by Carrie Capouellez
Nursing Home Physical Abuse

It’s hard to imagine that the people we entrust to take care of our loved ones would abuse them, but sadly, this is increasingly becoming a problem in nursing homes. Residents in nursing homes can become victims of physical abuse from facility staff and even other residents. Although it may be very upsetting to learn a loved one is being physically abused in a nursing home, it’s important to know what to do in these situations so you can best help your loved one.

If you believe your loved one is suffering abuse, you need to talk with them without any staff or residents present. Some victims of abuse are afraid to speak out about their abusers, so it’s important to let your loved know you’re here to help.

You may need to take your loved one to get medical treatment for their injuries. Some injuries could be internal and require diagnostic scans to detect, so it’s important to have a medical professional evaluate your loved one.

Once your loved one has received medical treatment, you need to immediately contact a nursing home abuse lawyer. Contacting a lawyer isn’t just for filing a lawsuit against the nursing home facility – you are also helping prevent others from being hurt. The sad reality of nursing home abuse is it largely goes uninvestigated. There are a variety of government agencies tasked with investigating these types of crimes, but they are grossly understaffed, so many claims are never properly investigated.

The failure to investigate these claims not only deprives victims of justice, but also allows harmful individuals to continue abusing residents. By engaging the help of lawyer, you can insure the abuser is removed from the nursing home, and that the nursing home takes actions to remedy the situation. A lawyer will also be able to ensure a proper law enforcement investigation takes place.

Lopez McHugh: Nursing Home Physical Abuse Lawyers

If you suspect your loved one is showing warning signs of nursing home abuse, contact the injury attorneys of Lopez McHugh LLP today. We can put a stop to the abuse and make sure loved one receives compensation for their injuries.

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