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Wrongful Amputation

May 11, 2016 by Carrie Capouellez
wrongful amputation

While the loss of a limb is a devastating event, it can be made even more devastating if the loss of the limb resulted from a wrongful amputation. Wrongful amputation might seem an extremely rare occurrence, but wrongful amputations do happen in hospitals across the country every year.

How Do Wrongful Amputations Happen?

There are a variety of causes of wrongful amputations. Some amputation errors are caused by medical errors like misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose, and failure to treat a medical condition that causes the eventual amputation of a limb. However, wrongful amputations can also occur when a patient’s chart is not properly updated or does not contain the correct information.

When a patient experiences a wrongful amputation, they are permanently disfigured and face additional long-term complications that require further treatment. Many amputees suffer from phantom limb pain (PLP). Although the limb is no longer there, patients who suffer from PLP experience ongoing painful sensations coming from the part of the body where the amputated limb used to be. Some amputees continue to feel PLP for months and years after their amputation.

Victims of wrongful amputation also run the risk of infection of the amputated limb. If not properly treated, the infection could require additional surgeries. Wrongful amputation can also cause extreme emotional trauma for the patient, causing depression and anxiety.

Cost of Care for Wrongful Amputation Victims

In the event of a wrongful amputation, patients will have to face staggering medical costs throughout the rest of their lives. Medical costs can include prosthetics, occupational therapy, specialized medical equipment, and additional surgeries. These costs are made more challenging when the amputation prevents patients from gaining employment, causing a loss of income.

We rely on doctors and hospitals to help us recover from illness and conditions, but when they fail to provide the standard of care expected, patients can get injured. When doctors, nurses, or other medical professionals make a mistake during your treatment and you lose a part of your body because of their mistake, you can hold them responsible for medical malpractice.

Philadelphia Wrongful Amputation Attorneys

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