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Why Proper Training In Hospitals Is Necessary

August 14, 2018 by James McHugh, Jr.
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We’ve all heard or used the phrase, ‘mistakes happen,’ but what if those mistakes weren’t just forgetting milk at the grocery store or not remembering to bring your wallet to a restaurant? Many people would be surprised to learn that mistakes in the medical field happen more often than one would think—in fact, mistakes resulting from medical errors are the third largest cause of death in the United States.

A hospital in Rhode Island recently entered a consent agreement with the State Department of Health, agreeing to invest at least $1.7 million to implement a 100-day turnaround plan to improve patient safety and overall care quality. This agreement comes after at least four separate surgical and procedural errors occurred at the hospital, between December 2017 and May 2018. The agreement is estimated to result in numerous improvement measures over the next year, including a minimum investment of $1 million for internal improvements.

In a joint statement by the hospital’s interim president and the CEO of parent system Providence-based Care New England, the two revealed that the 100-day turnaround plan includes, “an active and aggressive improvement plan that is resulting in a complete and thorough review of our safety culture and practices, hospital-wide education, retaining, and recommitment to a level of excellence that will be unsurpassed.” The statement went on to note that, “Much of this work and financial investment already began prior to the findings issued today and includes disciplinary action, policy and procedure review, competency assessment, auditing of compliance with policies and protocols, and prospectively maintaining a constant state of renewed diligence towards adherence and compliance.”

This marks the second time this year the Rhode Island Department of Health has entered into a consent agreement with one of the state’s major healthcare providers.

While the hospital’s interim president and the CEO of parent system Providence-based Care New England have mentioned these corrective measures were put in place before June 22, it’s still unclear whether these policies will be actively be enforced or not. Nonetheless this situation in Rhode Island is a prime example of exactly why proper protocol and procedures must be in place prior to any medical professional handling a patient.

Unfortunately it isn’t just hospitals in Rhode Island suffering from a lack of training. Hospitals all around the country are constantly subjecting patients to unnecessary harm by failing to uphold the appropriate standards of care. Even the most experienced healthcare providers need continual training and evaluations to ensure they are meeting standards of care and keeping hospitals safe.

Medical Malpractice Help

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