Nursing home abuse

Understaffing At The Root Of Nursing Home Neglect

February 13, 2017 by James McHugh, Jr.
Nursing Home Neglect

It takes a lot of time to care for someone, particularly the elderly. While nursing homes are staffed with dozens of nurses and nursing assistants to care for their residents, the reality is many nursing homes are grossly understaffed. Without the proper number of nurses and assistants to care for nursing home residents, elderly loved ones suffer from neglect.

Why Are Nursing Homes Understaffed?

There is no shortage of qualified individuals to work in nursing homes, but many nursing home companies simply don’t want to pay for more staff. Although labor costs are a cost of doing business, many nursing home facilities choose to provide a lower quality of care by employing fewer staff and pocketing the difference.

The Dangers of Understaffing

Many nursing home residents require assistance for every aspect of their daily lives. Everything from moving, going to the bathroom, grooming, and eating could require the help of a skilled professional. When there are not enough nurses and assistants to go around, patients are at risk for serious injuries.

Things like administering medications, providing assistance to use the bathroom, and administering care in the event of a medical emergency cannot be adequately provided when facilities are understaffed. Understaffing causes some of the most common nursing home injuries – like bedsores, broken bones, dehydration, and weight loss.

Pennsylvania has regulations dictating how many nursing staff should be available depending on the number of residents. All nursing homes that accept Medicare must abide by these regulations or face serious fines. Unfortunately, some nursing home facilities blatantly ignore the law, and when a resident gets hurt because of it, the resident deserves justice.

Lawyers For Nursing Home Neglect

Our elders deserve to be treated with respect. If you believe a loved one is suffering neglect in a Philadelphia nursing home, the personal injury trial lawyers at Lopez McHugh LLP can help. We’ve represented nursing home neglect victims and their families for over 30 years. Call us today for a free consultation to put a stop to the neglect and get justice for your loved one.

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