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State Medical Board Suspends Georgia Doctor For Dancing During Operations

June 12, 2018 by Carrie Capouellez
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Surgery is serious business. Every surgery comes with risks and doctors spend years training before performing operations. Unfortunately, not all doctors take operations seriously, as was the case in Georgia, where the Georgia Composite Medical Board suspended a doctor after she posted videos of her and her staff dancing in the operating room.

In recent weeks, videos of a doctor dancing to hip-hop songs in an operating room have gone viral. In over 100 videos that have since been taken down, Dr. Windell Davis-Boutte, a dermatologist and director of Boutte Contour Surgery & Skin in Lilburn, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, can be seen dancing with scalpel in hand as unconscious patients lay on the operating table. Dr. Davis-Boutte’s viral fame came at a heavy price as patients discovered they were in the videos.

Not only were patients outraged at Dr. Davis-Boutte’s unprofessionalism and invasion of privacy, but many of her patients also suffered serious injuries resulting from the surgical procedures she performed. One patient who underwent surgery for a butt lift claims her buttocks is not only lopsided, but her left side is continually itchy.

Some patients suffered even more dangerous complications. In a lawsuit against the doctor, one patient claims to have suffered brain damage. In another case, a patient was rushed to the emergency room just one day after surgery, where doctors discovered she had a collapsed lung and was suffering from anemia because of acute blood loss. The Georgia Composite Medical Board reviewed this particular case, and found Dr. Davis-Boutte’s treatment “failed to conform to the minimal standards of acceptable and prevailing medical practice.” The Board suspended Dr. Davis-Boutte, citing her “pattern of conduct” and unsatisfactory treatment of six other patients.

Unprofessional Conduct In The Operating Room

When a patient undergoes surgery, they accept certain risks. Other risks, like unprofessional conduct, are not a risk they choose to accept. Doctors are expected to uphold certain standards of care, and when they don’t, patients have the right to hold them responsible. If you or someone you love underwent surgery in a Philadelphia hospital and believe there was surgical error, contact Lopez McHugh LLP today. Our experienced surgical error attorneys can review your medical records and not only help you understand exactly what went wrong, but also help you pursue compensation.

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