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How To Respond To Elder Abuse

June 26, 2017 by James McHugh, Jr.
Elder Abuse Lawyers

When we get older, we sometimes must rely on others to take care of us. Caregivers have a huge responsibility to ensure the people they look after are healthy and happy. Unfortunately, not all caregivers live up to this responsibility. Handling elder abuse can be extremely difficult for a family because there are many emotions involved. However, to best help your loved one, it is important to know how to respond to elder abuse.

Know The Signs

There are many common signs of elder abuse. Any unexplained bruises or injuries are often a sign of physical abuse. Elderly people who experience verbal abuse may begin acting withdrawn and elderly people who are being neglected may have poor hygiene or become malnourished.

How To Respond To Elder Abuse

For people being abused by their caregiver, it can be difficult to speak out. They may be afraid of retaliation by the caregiver, so family members need to address these concerns. When responding to elder abuse, family members should follow these guidelines:

  • Show you care. You loved one might not be ready talk about the abuse, but letting them know you are concerned can help encourage them report the abuse.
  • Open lines of communication. Oftentimes the individual committing elder abuse isolates the victim from family and friends. Make sure your loved one always has a way to contact you and that you visit them in person as often as possible.
  • Lend an open ear. When your loved one is ready to talk about the abuse, listen patiently. It is important that they feel they are being heard.
  • Remove them from the situation. Once a loved one is ready to report abuse, it is important to remove them away from the caregiver.
  • Report the abuse to the authorities. You can report abuse to your local police department and/or report it to the Pennsylvania Department of Aging.
  • Don’t wait to contact an attorney. To best protect your loved one, you will need the help of an experienced elder abuse lawyer.

Experienced Elder Abuse Lawyers

Our elders deserve to be treated with respect. If your loved one suffered elder abuse, the experienced Philadelphia elder abuse lawyers at Lopez McHugh LLP can help. Contact us today for a free consultation to help your loved one.

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