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A Nursing Home’s Responsibility Regarding Wandering and Elopement

July 24, 2017 by James McHugh, Jr.
Nursing Home Elopement Lawyers

Nursing home residents face a variety of dangers, and sometimes the residents cause the biggest dangers for themselves. Residents suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia, or another mental illnesses need around the clock care to ensure they are being taken care of. For patients with mental illness, their confusion can sometimes cause them to roam around the facility or even leave the facility, exposing them to numerous dangers.

Wandering vs. Elopement

Elopement occurs when a resident at a nursing home facility leaves the facility without being noticed by the staff. Wandering refers to patients who move throughout the nursing home without close supervision. Both of these instances can cause dangerous situations for patients, and nursing homes need to have protocols and procedures in place to prevent injuries.

When a resident wanders through a facility unsupervised, they could suffer from a fall or other accident that goes unnoticed by the facility. Residents that somehow make it outside of the nursing home are faced with even more dangers. In addition to immediate dangers like being struck by a motor vehicle, residents who elope out of nursing homes are also at risk for missing medications, meals, and the other care they require on a daily basis.

A Nursing Home’s Responsibility

Nursing homes are directly responsible for the direct supervision of their residents and are required to meet all of their residents’ needs regarding their care. For patients with mental illnesses, this means the facility must develop and implement supervision and safety protocols to prevent residents from being left completely alone and without help.

Wandering and elopement often occur because facilities are understaffed and/or because staff members have not received appropriate training to prevent these types of incidents. When residents injure themselves because they are not being properly supervised, they and those who love them have a right to hold the nursing home facility responsible.

Nursing Home Elopement Lawyers

If your loved one suffered an injury in a Philadelphia nursing home because they were not being properly supervised, contact the experienced nursing home abuse lawyers at Lopez McHugh LLP today. We can help you understand your legal rights and hold the negligent facility responsible.

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