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When Nursing Homes Don’t Follow Doctor’s Orders

September 5, 2017 by Carrie Capouellez
Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers

Nursing homes have a huge responsibility to their residents. Residents rely completely on the nursing home facility to provide them with even the most basic care. This care includes following all doctor’s orders given by a resident’s physician. Unfortunately, nursing homes often fall quite short of providing the standard of care expected; and when this happens, residents get hurt.

One commonly overlooked doctor’s order pertains to the diet prescribed by a physician. Not only is a person’s diet crucial to their overall health and wellbeing, but giving patients the wrong food could have devastating consequences.

This was the case for a resident in a California nursing home who recently died after choking on his food. His doctor ordered he only be given soft food because he did not have any teeth. Nursing home staff ignored this order and provided the man with a cooked pork chop, which he was unable to swallow. Unfortunately, choking deaths are all too common in nursing homes because many residents have medical conditions that make chewing difficult or are missing teeth entirely.

In addition to choking risks, residents with special dietary needs also rely on nursing home facilities to provide them with the appropriate food. Residents who have food allergies or conditions like diabetes, which require a special diet, could suffer life-threatening injuries if given the wrong food.

Following Doctor’s Orders

Nursing homes must always follow doctor’s orders for their residents. Whether the doctor’s orders pertain to food, medications, exercise or rest, anything else, it is the responsibility of the facility to see these orders are strictly followed. If you suspect your loved ones are not receiving the appropriate care at a nursing home facility, you have a right to hold the facility responsible for its negligence.

Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers

Nursing homes can avoid violating doctor’s order by providing adequate and ongoing training to employees, staffing an appropriate number of workers at all times, and creating protocols and procedures for administering food and care. Unfortunately, many nursing homes cut corners when it comes to care. If your loved one suffered an injury because nursing home staff didn’t follow doctor’s orders, contact the experienced nursing home neglect lawyers at Lopez McHugh LLP today.

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