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Neglect and Abuse in Psychiatric Hospitals

January 22, 2018 by James McHugh, Jr.
Psychiatric Hospital Abuse Lawyers

Most people think of hospitals as somewhere they go if they have broken an arm or are suffering from an infection; however, hospitals also help patients with illnesses that are not as obvious. Psychiatric hospitals help patients suffering from a variety of mental illnesses and operate differently than other hospitals to better cater to the specific needs of these patients. Unfortunately for patients in psychiatric hospitals, they are particularly vulnerable to neglect and abuse.

Protecting Patients From Patients

One threat unique to psychiatric hospitals is the threat of violence between patients. Patients in psychiatric hospitals can suffer from behavior disorders and hallucinations that can cause them to become angry and violent. While this violence is sometimes directed at staff members, it can also be directed at other patients.

Psychiatric hospitals have a responsibility to keep patients safe from harm, including harm from other patients. Not only can patients suffer physical abuse by other patients, but sexual abuse amongst patients is also a serious threat. Sexual violence can be avoided by adequately separating male and female patients, but oftentimes, psychiatric hospitals cut corners and house male and female patients in adjacent rooms or even in the same room.

Many Victims Don’t Have A Place To Turn

Psychiatric patients often have no place to turn if they suffer abuse or neglect. Because they suffer from mental illnesses, staff, regulating agencies, and family members don’t always take their complaints seriously. Abuse and neglect in psychiatric hospitals can be reported to federal and state agencies, but unfortunately these agencies are overwhelmed and the investigation of claims often doesn’t happen promptly or sometimes doesn’t happen at all.

Put A Stop To The Abuse By Contacting A Lawyer

If your loved one is being abused in a Philadelphia psychiatric hospital, the best way to help them is to immediately contact a lawyer. An experienced lawyer will be able to put a stop to the abuse and properly investigate your potential medical malpractice claims. Oftentimes, working with a lawyer is the only way to ensure authorities thoroughly investigate neglect and abuse claims. Additionally, working with a lawyer will allow victims to seek compensation from negligent hospitals and staff for their injuries.

Psychiatric Hospital Abuse Lawyers

Patients shouldn’t have to worry about the threat of violence or neglect when they are trying to recover from and overcome mental illnesses. If you or someone you love suffered abuse in a Philadelphia psychiatric hospital, immediately contact Lopez McHugh LLP. We can help protect the victim and pursue just compensation. Call us today to get help.

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