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How To Deal With Nursing Home Theft

October 25, 2018 by Carrie Capouellez
Heat-Related Illnesses

When it comes to theft, nursing homes generally don’t come to mind. We often think of these facilities as being safe and secure while being run by a staff that wouldn’t dream of taking advantage of our loved ones. Unfortunately, nursing home residents become victims of theft more often than they should. More often than not, nursing home staff members are caught stealing from the vulnerable and sick residents of nursing homes. With the nation’s current opioid epidemic, staff members are most inclined to steal medication and patient drugs, but theft of personal items and finances are also big offenses that should not be ignored. Nursing home lawyers can help you and your loved one protect belongings and get justice.

Drug Theft

In one particularly case in central Illinois, a 31-year-old nurse pled guilty to resident burglary after he was found to have been stealing opioid patches from several terminally ill nursing home patients. Prosecutors found the man was working as a nurse at Bloomington Rehabilitation and Health Care Center, but was not on duty when he entered a resident’s room and stole a pain patch. Only two days later, he removed the same type of medication from a terminally ill patient at a care facility where he had previously worked. Five other charges against him wound up being dropped as a part of his plea deal, which required him to surrender his nursing license and potentially face a sentence of up to 15 years in prison.

Missing Personal Items

 At another facility, a care worker was arrested for burglary at a senior living facility. Residents had reported missing valuables over a six-week period, and the police eventually discovered the perpetrator was a male worker at the location. The missing items included a variety of jewelry, such as rings, necklaces, and bracelets, as well as cash. The man stole valuables from at least eight residents and pawned them.

What You Can Do

Unfortunately, all too often, elderly and disabled individuals do not receive the kind of quality care and attention they need and deserve. For-profit corporations own many of the institutions that provide long-term care for the elderly. In an effort to maximize profits, these institutions often cut back on staff or hire less qualified workers in an attempt to save money. As a result, nursing home neglect, abuse, and theft continues to be a growing problem.

Nursing Home Lawyers for Philadelphia Families

If you believe theft or abuse of your loved one may be occurring during their stay in a Philadelphia nursing home facility, don’t hesitate to call the experienced nursing home lawyers at Lopez McHugh LLP. For over 30 years, our law firm has successfully represented nursing home residents and their families. We are committed to protecting vulnerable members of society by taking legal action to hold these institutions accountable when safety rules are violated.

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