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A Hospital’s Responsibility To Clean

August 14, 2017 by James McHugh, Jr.
Pennsylvania Hospital Negligence Lawyers

While medically necessary, hospitals can be very dangerous places for patients. Because of the nature of a hospital, there are many germs and bacteria present that are not normally found in other environments. Unfortunately, hospitals are also home to people with compromised immune systems, and they face a serious infection risk when hospitals are not properly cleaned.

Because bacteria is too small to see with the naked eye, it can be difficult for patients to know if the facility they are being treated in is properly clean. However, the Pennsylvania Department of Health performs regular inspections of hospitals that include testing surfaces and items for bacteria.

To protect patients from hospital acquired infections or HAIs, janitorial staff need to sanitize every inch of hospital facilities, which isn’t always easy to do. Some equipment and tools have small nooks and crannies that can be difficult to access and clean. This was the case at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. According to a health department inspection, the hinges on hospital bed railings were found to contain debris.

A Hospital’s Duty Of Care To Patients

While some equipment or tools might be more difficult to clean than others, there is no excuse for allowing the buildup of bacteria that could infect patients. Hospitals need to have written policies and procedures dictating how often and with what supplies items will be cleaned. Hospitals also need to provide sufficient and continuing training to janitorial staff to ensure they keep up with the hospital’s needs.

While many hospitals fail to keep up with cleaning needs, the reality is that it is much easier and cost effective to provide proper cleaning than it is to treat serious infections. Hospitals are home to some of the most deadly bacteria, and failing to properly clean doorknobs, privacy curtains, or call buttons can spread fatal infections.

Pennsylvania Hospital Negligence Lawyers

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