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Failure To Diagnose At Fertility Clinics

December 5, 2017 by James McHugh, Jr.
Fertility Clinic Malpractice

Advances in medicine have revolutionized the way couples can conceive a child. For women who struggle to have a child on their own, fertility clinics have been a godsend. While some women use their own eggs to conceive a child, others use egg donors. Using an egg donor to conceive your child presents unique risks to parents and their unborn children. What if a donated egg has a genetic abnormality that causes a congenital condition for the child?

This was an unfortunate lesson learned by two couples that used the same fertility clinic in New York. Both couples utilized donated eggs and gave birth in 2009. However, both children were born with developmental impairments. Doctors were able to identify the impairments were caused by a genetic condition called Fragile X syndrome or Martin-Bell syndrome.

Fragile X syndrome can not only cause intellectual disabilities, but may also cause physical abnormalities like large ears, prominent foreheads, and/or flat feet. The genetic mutation that causes Fragile X syndrome prevents the brain from producing certain proteins crucial to normal brain development.

Both couples were able to trace Fragile X syndrome back to the eggs donated at the fertility clinic. The couples are now filing a lawsuit against the clinic because they believe the doctors failed to properly test donors for genetic abnormalities like Fragile X. Unfortunately for the couples, both donors were tested after the children were born and were confirmed to have the Fragile X genetic mutation.

Duty Of Care In Fertility Clinics

The rise of fertility clinics has helped many couples start loving families. While fertility clinics are relatively new to modern medicine, they are still expected to adhere to the same standards as other specialties. Fertility clinics must provide a certain standard of care to their patients, which includes diagnosing potentially harmful or life threatening conditions in patients and donors. If a fertility clinic fails to diagnose a condition, it can lead to a lifelong affliction requiring regular medical treatment, therapies, and special education.

Fertility Clinic Malpractice

Fertility clinic malpractice can take the miracle of birth and turn it into a tragedy. When a fertility clinic fails to diagnose congenital conditions, families are left with not only emotional pain, but also the cost of a lifetime of special care. If you have suffered from fertility clinic malpractice, you likely have many questions. At Lopez McHugh LLP, our lawyers can help answer your questions and concerns during a free, no obligation consultation. Call us today to get help.

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