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CDC: Elderly Falls Causing Record Number of Brain Injuries

May 15, 2017 by Carrie Capouellez
elderly falls

The brain is incredibly fragile. Even seemingly minor accidents could cause permanent brain injuries. While there are many ways people can protect themselves from brain injuries, the reality is that falls – a leading causes of brain injuries – happens all the time. Falls, whether from a height or from slipping, cause an increasing number of brain injuries, and the elderly are particularly at risk. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the number of brain injuries is increasing, and the one of contributing factors is falls by the elderly.

Understanding the Problem

While many elderly people are injured by falls when they are alone, elderly people are still at risk when being assisted by nurses or other healthcare professionals. While places like hospitals and nursing homes should have protocols in place to safely transport and move patients, doing so can be difficult. Every year, 27,000 Americans die from injuries sustained from falls and people 75 years of age or older make up the largest group of people who succumb to injuries from falls.

However, the injuries sustained from a fall are just part of the problem for the elderly. According to researchers at Ohio State University, emergency room doctors evaluate elderly patients who suffer injuries from a fall less thoroughly than other patients. This can cause doctors to miss important symptoms of more serious conditions.

What Hospitals and Nursing Homes Can Do

For elderly living independently, taking actions to help prevent falls rests solely on their own shoulders. However, for elderly people in hospitals and nursing homes, these facilities are responsible to keep patients safe from harm, including falls. Many healthcare professionals in hospitals and nursing homes make the mistake of thinking elderly patient only need a little support to walk and move around. The elderly will require someone who can easily support all of their weight when walking to prevent falls.

Lawyers for Falls In Philadelphia Nursing Homes and Hospitals

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