• blood clot misdiagnosis

    When a Blood Clot is Missed

    Blood clots have the potential to be extremely dangerous to a person’s health. However, when they are found in a timely manner, it is actually quite easy to treat them effectively. On the other hand, patients’ lives are often placed at serious risk when medical personnel overlook a blood clot.

  • Hospital Negligence Cases

    Common Causes of Hospital Negligence Cases

    Most of the time, when people go to a hospital for treatment of a medical condition, they are treated extremely well and come out in better condition than when they went in. In some cases, however, when a patient is in the care of the hospital and they are being treated by doctors, nurses, or any other medical professional, they fail to provide proper health care or make mistakes. There are many causes of hospital negligence, which may be grounds for a lawsuit for the victim.

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