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    What Is “Patient Dumping” And How Can Hospitals Be Held Responsible?

    For emergency rooms across the country, the more patients they see, the more money they make. Hospitals sometimes try to churn out patients to increase profits, but this is incredibly dangerous for patients. Hospitals that discharge patients too soon put them at a serious risk of further injury. This practice is called “patient dumping” and millions of Americans recently became aware of this practice when a video of a victim went viral.

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    Neglect and Abuse in Psychiatric Hospitals

    Most people think of hospitals as somewhere they go if they have broken an arm or are suffering from an infection; however, hospitals also help patients with illnesses that are not as obvious. Psychiatric hospitals help patients suffering from a variety of mental illnesses and operate differently than other hospitals to better cater to the specific needs of these patients. Unfortunately for patients in psychiatric hospitals, they are particularly vulnerable to neglect and abuse.

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    Nurse Shortage Putting Patients In Danger

    Nurses are an incredibly important part of a patient’s care. Nurses generally spend more time with patients than doctors and perform many important medical duties like administering medication. Nurses are most effective when a certain nurse to patient ratio is in place; therefore, when nurses have too many patients to attend to, they are more likely to make mistakes that put patients at risk. Unfortunately for patients, hospitals across America are facing a nurse shortage.

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    Nurses Fight For Better Hospital Conditions

    Nurses make some of the best patient advocates because they work so closely with both patients and doctors. Often acting as a go between, nurses see the health and safety violations that present immediate dangers to patients and work with doctors and other hospital staff to remedy them. Unfortunately, nurses around the country are struggling to provide safe conditions for patients as hospitals cut corners to save money on their bottom line.

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    When Nursing Homes Are Slow To Act

    For most people, obtaining medical attention after sustaining an injury or becoming ill is relatively easy. For nursing home residents it isn’t as easy, and for some it is impossible to do on their own. Many nursing home residents rely completely on the staff to help them obtain medical attention when necessary. This is a huge responsibility for nursing home staff, and failing to fulfill this responsibly could result in terrible injuries or even death.