• Hospital Emergency Room

    Another Philadelphia Hospital Announces it’s Closing Its Doors

    After serving the Cobb Creek neighborhood for more than 100 years, West Philadelphia’s Mercy Hospital will begin the process of closing its doors to inpatient care. With the announcement of its impending closure, Mercy Hospital joins Philadelphia’s Hahnemann University Hospital and St. Joseph’s Hospital as the third recent health care system in Pennsylvania to cease…

  • Patient receiving ct scan

    Patients Plea They’re Not Faking It After Nurses’ TikTok Videos

    The social media site TikTok is used to viral attention, however, this time the video-sharing platform is facing backlash as users respond to medical personnel videos mocking patients. Several nurses have come under scrutiny after sharing videos mocking patients and their symptoms on social media. A nurse who goes by D Rose on TikTok shared…

  • Intensive Care Unit Malpractice

    Electronic Intensive Care Unit Technology (eICU)

    The increasing use of electronic Intensive Care Unit technology (eICU) has changed the medical landscape in many ways. Many hospital systems routinely use cameras in the ICU to monitor patients. This means instead of an actual doctor physically examining patients, a caregiver only checks in on them via camera remotely. Information about these practices became…

  • Medical Malpractice Attorneys

    Lawsuits For Secret Recording Of Gynecological Procedures

    Over eighty women are suing a California hospital for the secret recording of their gynecological surgeries. The recordings filmed activity in three labor and delivery rooms at the Women’s Center at Sharp Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa, California, over a period of more than 11 months beginning in summer 2012. While the hospital set up…

  • Hospital Infection Lawyers

    New Jersey Hospital Home To Deadly Virus

    Hospitals are often places we think of as clean, germ free facilities where we are able to recover from injury or illness without the risk of contracting something else. We hold the doctors and physicians accountable for our health and safety in these situations, as we expect to get better rather than worse if we need to be admitted to the hospital. Unfortunately, for many residents in New Jersey this isn’t the case, as many young children have fallen ill to a deadly virus in one local hospital.