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    Babies Brain Damaged at Birth

    Having a baby can be a truly emotional and life-changing experience for all involved. Unfortunately, however, complications during the birthing process can and do occur, some of which can leave the baby with brain damage. A baby’s brain damage may even be permanent, leaving the family feeling hopeless during what was supposed to be such a special moment. For one mother in particular, it became apparent her newborn son endured severe brain damage due to malpractice at birth.

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    Largest Medical Malpractice Verdict in History

    A Baltimore judge upheld a $205 million verdict in what attorneys say is the largest medical malpractice verdict in U.S. history. In July, a jury awarded $229 million to a mother whose daughter suffered a brain injury during childbirth. A judge reduced the award to $205 million due to a state cap. The mother’s attorneys argued…

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    Dropping a Baby During Childbirth

    Parents around the world lovingly experience the births of their children. As part of the process of exiting the womb and coming into the world, many families choose to videotape or record the momentous event. While one new dad was filming his twin daughters’ first moments of life at Dignity Health Chandler Regional Medical Center,…

  • Updated Guidelines Seek To Decrease Pediatric Medical Errors

    With advances in modern medicine, infants and children should not experience preventable injuries at the hands of the medical professionals entrusted to care for them. Unfortunately, medical professionals are human and often fatigued and/or overworked, and mistakes occur more often than they should, some of which include pediatric medical errors. To combat pediatric medical malpractice,…

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    Uterine Ruptures Can Threaten Lives Of Mother and Baby

    The birth of a new child is usually a moving and heart warming occasion, especially for the new parents, with many family members around counting down the minutes until the new addition is born. What many people don’t talk about prior to and during the birthing process is the risk of uterine ruptures, which can happen during childbirth. These occurrences can instantly turn what a happy and jovial moment into an utter nightmare.