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Anesthesiology Malpractice Claims in Philadelphia

December 8, 2015 by James McHugh, Jr.
Anesthesiology Malpractice Claims

Been placed under anesthesia sometimes seems like a very minor thing, but in fact, anesthesia is actually a major medical procedure that should be undertaken by anesthesiologists who are highly trained professionals, certified to undertake this type of procedure with careful precision. They’re supposed to carefully monitor the patient’s health and adjust for any changes during the course of a surgical procedure.

To understand the situation, it’s necessary to realize that a patient under anesthesia is literally helpless and has to trust the physician, the anesthesiologist and the entire hospital staff to appropriately administer the drugs and monitor their progress. The good news is, in the vast majority of surgeries, the anesthesia has no ill effect and the patient comes out fine. Most complications caused by anesthesia are avoidable, but sometimes an anesthesiologist makes mistakes and those mistakes can result in a patient suffering serious injury or even death.

What is Anesthesiology Malpractice?

Anesthesia medical malpractice occurs when an anesthesiologist has been negligent in their duties, meaning they or someone else working in support of them failed in their duty to provide a standard of care consistent with other professionals in their field. Most of the time, anesthesiology malpractice occurs in the operating room, but it can happen when they incorrectly incubate a patient or fail to monitor their vital signs during the preoperative preparation and the postoperative consultation, as well. In some cases, they may fail to educate the patient regarding food, drink or alcohol restrictions both before and after the surgical procedure and, in other cases, the equipment they use to either administer the anesthesia or monitor the patient’s vital signs may be defective.

Whenever an anesthesiologist is negligent in performing their duties, the injuries are often catastrophic. Medical malpractice insurance premiums for anesthesiologists are much higher than other medical specialties, indicating that such mistakes are all too common and the injuries are substantial. Among the most common injuries resulting from anesthesia malpractice include strokes, collapsed lungs, brain damage, and wrongful death. Because the nature of injuries associated with anesthesia malpractice are often nothing short of devastating, the costs of treating these types of injuries are incredibly high and it’s not just about the medical bills. In many cases, damages include mental impairment, long-term care, rehabilitation, physical therapy, permanent disability, the cost of a lifetime of medical and palliative care, as well as many years of lost wages and diminished earning capacity for the future.

Any kind of medical malpractice case is extremely complicated, Anesthesiology Malpractice Claims in Philadelphia often even more so. They require exhaustive investigations, discussions with experts in a number of different fields, a complete understanding of the medical implications of the injuries and a lot more. Just as importantly though, it’s also necessary to do a complete analysis of the financial issues involved in such case, which means consulting with accountants and other financial experts to determine the costs that will have to be covered for the rest of the victim’s life in many cases.

Anesthesiology Malpractice Claims in Philadelphia

If you or a loved one have been the victims of anesthesia malpractice, the medical malpractice attorneys at Lopez McHugh LLP are here to help. We have the expertise and the resources at our disposal to get you the best possible recovery for your injuries and damages, or even for wrongful death. Please contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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