• Financial Elder Abuse Claim

    New Rule Takes Aim At Elder Financial Abuse

    March 19, 2018 by James McHugh, Jr.| Elder abuse

    Victims of financial elder abuse do not always report their abuse because they are embarrassed. Unfortunately, when these instances go unreported not only are victims left without their money and property, but the perpetrators can go on to abuse others. But, in the fight against financial abuse, elders are not alone.

  • Surgical Malpractice Lawyer

    New Bill Could Bring Video Cameras Into Operating Rooms

    Medical technology has advanced exponentially in recent years, but some aspects of healthcare remain tragically outdated. When it comes to recording the happenings during surgical operations, documentation is sparse. Oftentimes, after a procedure the only record of what happened during the surgery is the account given by the healthcare professionals involved. When medical malpractice occurs, the accounts by the doctors and nurses are rarely sufficient to understand exactly what happened. Because of this, a new Bill has been introduced in Wisconsin that would allow a “surgical black box” in operating rooms.

  • medication abuse

    Nursing Homes Abuse Drugs To Control Patients

    Medications for dementia patients and other patients struggling with mental illnesses have been instrumental in improving patients’ quality of life by helping ease symptoms. However, these medications need to be used responsibly because they do come with other health and safety risks. Unfortunately, a recent report from the Human Rights Watch discovered nursing homes across the U.S. are overusing antipsychotic drugs to control patients.

  • Medical Malpractice Claim

    Patient Mix-Up Causes Medical Malpractice Death

    February 26, 2018 by James McHugh, Jr.| Surgical Error

    Because all surgical procedures carry some amount of risk, many patients have a natural anxiety about going under the knife. Fortunately, advances in medical technology and training have made most operations incredibly safe; however, there is one type of medical risk hospitals around the country still struggle with – human error. This was the case for a Michigan woman who was the victim of a patient mix-up causing her medical malpractice death.

  • elder law attorneys

    Dementia Patients Are At Greater Risk Of Abuse

    Dementia can be a devastating condition for patients and their families. Many families of dementia patients are unable to provide the constant and specialized care required and turn to nursing homes and other in-home care options for their loved one. Unfortunately, dementia patients are particularly vulnerable to abuse because of their condition. Loved ones of dementia patients need to understand the abuse warning signs to help keep them safe.

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