• Elder Financial Abuse

    When A Lack Of Communication Causes Malpractice

    Many patients require the help of more than one doctor to manage their medical care. In this digital age, it’s much easier for doctors to communicate about patients. With email, faxing, and telephones, doctors can communicate quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, sometimes doctors fail to utilize these methods to communicate. This was the case for a patient suffering from headaches who ended up suffering a stroke because his doctors failed to communicate test results.

  • Hospital Negligence Lawyers

    State Medical Board Suspends Georgia Doctor For Dancing During Operations

    Surgery is serious business. Every surgery comes with risks and doctors spend years training before performing operations. Unfortunately, not all doctors take operations seriously, as was the case in Georgia, where the Georgia Composite Medical Board suspended a doctor after she posted videos of her and her staff dancing in the operating room.

  • Medical Malpractice Claims

    Failure To Diagnose Costs Man His Leg

    Most people will undergo some type of surgery in their lifetime. One of the most common types of operations is a joint replacement surgery. There are a number of reasons a person might need to have a joint replaced with an artificial medical device, but with advances in medical technology and treatment, most patients have a complete recovery.

  • Vacuum Extraction

    Why Is The Maternal-Mortality Rate So High In The U.S.?

    Advances in medical technology have made the U.S. a leader in healthcare. Despite these advances, the country has a shockingly high maternal-mortality rate. There are a number of factors contributing to higher American maternal-mortality rates.

  • What To Do If You Suspect Your Child Suffered A Birth Injury

    Hospital Leaves Needle In Baby’s Heart

    While all medical procedures have risks, there are some risks patients should not have to experience. Patients shouldn’t have to fear that doctors or other healthcare professionals will be grossly negligent, but unfortunately, there are some instances when medical negligence causes serious injuries and even wrongful death. At a Florida hospital, a surgeon operating on a baby left a needle inside the child’s heart. When the baby’s parents insisted something was wrong, the hospital didn’t believe them.

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