• Hospital Conditions

    Nurses Fight For Better Hospital Conditions

    Nurses make some of the best patient advocates because they work so closely with both patients and doctors. Often acting as a go between, nurses see the health and safety violations that present immediate dangers to patients and work with doctors and other hospital staff to remedy them. Unfortunately, nurses around the country are struggling to provide safe conditions for patients as hospitals cut corners to save money on their bottom line.

  • Fertility Clinic Malpractice

    Failure To Diagnose At Fertility Clinics

    Advances in medicine have revolutionized the way couples can conceive a child. For women who struggle to have a child on their own, fertility clinics have been a godsend. While some women use their own eggs to conceive a child with the help of a fertility clinic, others use egg donors. Using an egg donor to conceive your child presents unique risks to parents and their unborn children. What if a donated egg has a genetic abnormality that causes a congenital condition for the child?

  • Medical Malpractice In Freestanding Emergency Clinics

    Medical Malpractice in Freestanding Emergency Rooms

    The increase in freestanding emergency rooms has had a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of millions of Americans. With freestanding emergency rooms, medical care is closer in proximity to more patients than ever before. In fact, for many people, the nearest place to receive emergency medicine is not at the hospital, but at a freestanding clinic. While freestanding clinics no doubt help improve patient outcomes, they also pose particular risks not associated with ordinary emergency rooms.

  • Experienced Medical Malpractice Attorneys

    Are Robot Doctors Safe?

    Advances in technology have radically changed the way doctors diagnose and treat patients. This allows patients to live healthier and longer lives, but new technology does bring some new risks. A robot in China recently performed a successful surgery by itself, leading many to wonder whether robot surgeons are the future of medicine, or a medical disaster waiting to happen.

  • Nursing Home Negligence Lawyers

    When Nursing Homes Are Slow To Act

    For most people, obtaining medical attention after sustaining an injury or becoming ill is relatively easy. For nursing home residents it isn’t as easy, and for some it is impossible to do on their own. Many nursing home residents rely completely on the staff to help them obtain medical attention when necessary. This is a huge responsibility for nursing home staff, and failing to fulfill this responsibly could result in terrible injuries or even death.

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